Soroush Darya Pay (SDP) Engineering Company was founded in 2007 with a team of young experienced professionals graduated from top universities with experience in outstanding projects. The company started with consulting, research and design activities of geotechnical engineering projects and focused on fulfilling the tasks on time with high quality.

Due to the potentials of the team, SDP was able to gain the trust and satisfaction of most employers in a short period of time. SDP with the vision of continuous improvement began the strategic management of collaborative projects. Soon after, the team started contracting geotechnical projects in order to reach our vision.

In order to expand the company and reach all the potentials, the other fields of contracting (such as buildings and structures) were launched at the company in order to enhance the quality of services. SDP has set its primary goal to study, design, management and monitoring projects with emphasis on geotechnical enginering
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