Design and Supervision
Design and management of implementation of geotechnical structures
  • Designing reinforced soil wall system
  • Designing tunnel stabilization by different methods
  • 2D and 3D analysis of geotechnical structures
  • Seepage analysis of embankment dams
  • Managing implementation of geotechnical structures
Design and management of implementation of urban excavation
  • Designing retaning structure of urban excavation
  • Checking retaining structure desgin
  • Optimizing retaning structure design
  • Managing implementation of urban excavation and stabilizasion
  • Providing services of value engineering
Design and strategic management of implementation of retrofit
  • Retesting existing anchors of abandoned urban excavations
  • Evaluating stability of abandoned excavation based on statistical and probability methods
  • Computing current safety factor of urban excavations
  • Providing retrofit of retaining structures of abandoned urban excavations
  • Managing implementation of retrofit of abandoned excavations
Design of shallow and deep foundations
  • Designing shallow and deep foundations of urban and industrial structures, storages and power stations
  • 3D and stress-strain analysis of set of structure and foundation
  • Optimizing design of shallow and deep foundation

Design, analysis and quality control of deep foundation
  • Geotechnical and structural design of piles and group piles
  • Calculating and estimating proper pile driving equipment
  • PDA dynamic loading test
  • Pile integrity testing, including PIT and CSL
  • Static loading tests of pile including tensional compression and lateral loading
Design and supervision of implementation of water proof systems of underground structures and landfills
  • Designing and supervising implementation of water proof systems using sealing concrete, GSL and geomembrane

Soil improvement
  • Designing micropile
  • Designing deep mixing
  • Designing stone columns
  • Designing pre-loading

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