Site Investigation
Baghe- Aseman
Client: Naji Sazan-e Amin Co.
  • Drilling 16 machine boreholes (equals 770 m length) by continuous coring
  • Conducting laboratory tests
  • Conducting geophysical tests
  • Determining physical, chemical and mechanical properties of soil
  • Determining allowable bearing capacity of shallow and deep foundations
  • Determining lateral pressure and reaction coefficients
Ashianeh-e Rang-e Havapeima-e Pahn Peikar
Client: Farsco Aviation MRO Co.
  • Drilling 5 machine and 2 manual boreholes (in total 150 m length)
  • Conducting laboratory tests
  • Conducting field tests including SPT, plate loading and in situ direct shear test
  • Conducting geophysical tests including Down hole and georadar tests
  • Determining ground type and assessting underground layers and caverns
Gilan Sabz Cement Factory
Client: Gilan Sabz Cement Industries
  • Geoelectric survey: 120 vertical electrical sounding observations, 5500 tomography observations and 370 m georadar observations
  • Determining underground layers and underground water level in a field with area of 40 ha
  • Geological investigation of site using satellite images
  • Providing landslide models for the site
Baran Project
Client: Naji Sazan-e Amin Co.
  • Drilling one machine borehole with length of 120 m by continuous coring
  • Conducting a complete set of laboratory test
  • Conducting filed tests including SPT and Down hole tests
  • 3D analysis of shallow foundation and the structural elements.

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