Site Investigation
  • Drilling machine and manual borehole
  • Getting intact and disturbed samples
  • Laboratoary testing: gradation, Atterberg's limits, direct shear, triaxial and consolidation tests
  • In-situ testing: CPT, SPT, plate loading, direct shear, density and etc.
  • Chemical testing: soil and water chemistry tests
  • Determining soil physical, chemical, mechanical and dynamic properties
  • Determining bearing capacity of shallow and deep foundations
  • Determining lateral pressure and reaction coefficients
  • Geoelectrical surveying by electrical sounding, tomography and georadar
  • Down hole testing and georadar survaying
  • Investigating underground conditions and underground water level
  • Determining ground type and subsurface layers and caverns

Geology and Landslide
  • Geological investigation of sites using sattelite images
  • Providing lanslide model of sites
  • Providing strategies for landslide control

Underground Water Investigation and Control
  • Investigating and determingin underground water regime
  • Investigating old qanat direction and conditions
  • Designing canals for diverting underground water
  • Providing strategies for diverting qanats
  • Designing and supervising implementation of derainage systems

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